Craftmanship & Community

130 Main St. (Unit 11) Plaistow NH 03865 (603) 489-8918

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Custom Furniture

“After 12 years of working on overseas mass production furniture I've learned that production means much more than quality nowadays. Most of this furniture, even the higher end pieces are built to last no more than 7 years. We build locally handcrafted furniture to last generations. Whether it's using exotic hardwoods or salvaged or reclaimed materials we help to vision, design and build the piece you want.”
- Frank Leblanc, Owner & Craftsman

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Who We Are

American Pride Woodworking is dedicated to bringing integrity back to the label "American Made".

What We Do

We specialize in custom woodwork, custom finishing, antique furniture repair & restorations, woodcarving, and much more.

Contact Us

Telephone: (603) 489-8918
130 Main Street (Unit 11)
Plaistow, NH 03865
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